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Writing Corner Print E-mail
writing corner

By Sarah Dobson

A brilliant new idea,
Explodes out from my pen,
My arm just keeps on going,
And words pop up again,
Writing is what I turn to,
When everything goes wrong,
Writing is my dance,
Writing is my song.

By Courtney Belyea

There is more than what eyes see
Nobody can look inside of me
Because it is inside that I hide
Where no one can find me
Beyond each lie, whispered into the air
Now, with soft, sweet wind blowing through my hair
I feel the air, taste the sun
My senses can experience the light
This spring is a living thing
The dawn lighting the night
I know there's still hope here
And so I am now free
Confinement can hold me no more I will hide no more.

Ms. Walsh
By Landi Hawkins

People say school’s boring,
And sometimes they start snoring,
Then they roll up their sleeves,
Cause they don’t want to leave,
She’s not a preacher,
She’s a great teacher,
Thank you Ms. Walsh.

Bump in the Night
By Claire Cochrane

Bump. Things go bump in the night. The things that go bump in the night are my friends, such as the boggy man, the ghosts and the monsters under my bed. They are all my friends, the only friends I have. I am a loner, the person who stands in the corner saying nothing. Bump goes my friends of the night. I am one of them. They are a part of me, my bad side. My friends are the things that go bump in the night. Bump. Things go bump in the night.

A Worry of Words
By Rosalie

A worry of words
Bears not rewards
But for a poet such as him
Who can truly see?
Not what is underneath
For that would be a relief
Just the world that's mild
His vision is like a child's.
To see only the obvious
Oh how it’s less strenuous
He reads not between the lines
Yet we are still surprised by what he finds.
We are so layered in innuendo
It causes far too many woes
So let us be free
Of the mysteries we see.

Not a Day Goes By
By Annysia Tanner

Not a day goes by when I wonder,
Why me?
Not everyday do I get picked on,
Not every week,
But those whispers behind my back,
Those words like sharp daggers,
They hurt, they sting,
They leave a hole in me,
I cry and cry at home,
In my bed or in my chair.

Not a day goes by when I wonder,
Will those kids just shun me,
Tune me out of existence?
The words they mutter behind my back,
Like I’m not even a human being.
Not a day goes by when I wonder,
What would you think if you were me?

Call Me
By Lauren Edgett

Call me your lover,
Call me your wife,
Whatever you do,
Don't call me a dyke,
I am my own,
I am unique,
But when I'm with you,
You make me weak.
How it pains me to see you this way,
It hurts inside,
To think I caused you pain,
It makes me wanna go insane.
How can I choose,
When it's so obvious,
It always seems I'm so oblivious,
To see you smile one last time,
Makes it hard to turn around.
The decision I have made,
I stayed true to the one I gave
This heart so big and true,
It will always be with you.

Acts of kindness
By Sarah Dobson

It is just an act of kindness,
That could make somebody’s day,
Something you won’t remember tomorrow,
Can help someone out today,
Like saying "hello" in the hallways,
To the girl who never talks,
Or picking up someone’s books,
When a mean girl makes them drop,
The things that you forget about,
Can be the things that make you kind,
Like becoming friends with the new girl,
Who everyone else leaves behind,
Forget about the labels,
The loser, the cool person, the geek,
Because those will hold you back,
From climbing to the peak.

Fresh Snow Falling
By Melina Hurley

All I can see is
Ears and tail, ears and tail
Where is my dog?
Lost beneath the soft
White blanket that
Has covered my house.
Where are my footprints?
Erased like a fresh
Page in a book.
No traces to show that I've been here. Where am I?
Earth and sky, earth and sky
All is the same
White fresh snow falling.

What I Learn in Life As Time Goes By
By Trey

I’ve learned
That you can do something in an instant
That will give you a heartache for life.
I’ve learned
That you should always leave loved ones with loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.
Just because someone doesn’t love you the
Way you want them to doesn’t mean they
Don’t love you with all they have.
Two people can look at
The exact same thing
And see something totally different.
It isn’t always enough to
Be forgiven by others,
Sometimes you have to learn
To forgive yourself.

For Love
By Amanda Bennett

I love you,
I hate you,
You scare me,
And fulfill me,
I want you,
I crave you,
You anger me,
And amuse me,
I need you,
I breathe you,
You dominate me,
And murder me,
I sing you,
I live you,
You abuse me,
And encourage me,
I envy you,
I crash you,
You empty me,
And conquer me,
I loved you,
I hated you,
You controlled me,
I untied me.

The perfect wish
By Misha Goforth

If I was granted one wish,
I would wish for a cure for cancer.
That sounds kind of played out, but I would.
Not just to help everybody,
but I would also do it to help myself.
I think that is better than wishing for money,
because not only would I save millions of lives
(and I would love to do that),
but I am also helping myself.
So in a way, this is kind of a selfish wish.
If I knew the cure for cancer,
I would sell my idea or announce it,
or however one goes about getting a cure noticed.
Then, I would have tons and tons of money.
So I didn't need to waste my wish on money.
I would also get tons of praise!
And in the process, I would save millions of lives.
I think that is the perfect wish.
And with my money, I would save for school,
buy things for my family,
like a new house and a new car,
and I would buy everything I want,
but cannot afford now!

Mind Games
By Taccarra

George I keep saying
I’m not letting you
Wreck my life,
but you are.
And every time this happens,
It’s like you’re tearing open a scar.
And I can’t get rid of you,
Because you’re like a bad habit.
I know this is bad for me,
I just won’t admit it.
I’ve stopped doing the things I love,
Because I’m giving love away,
But I don’t have any choice,
I don’t have any say.
I found every thing I would ever
Want or ever need.
But all you seem to care about
Is either sex or weed.
Losing you
Is my greatest fear,
You keep promising or saying
what you know I want to hear.
Things like the drug will be the last time,
Just to play with my mind.
I never win these silly games,
That you always seem to play.
But if it’s the only way to see you,
then I’ll play for another day.
Knowing the day will come
When I will stop playing the game and see
I hate you because
You mean so much to me,
I hate you because
I love you, unwillingly.
But I love myself more.


The Bracelet
By Elizabeth Bowden

You are my best friend
An Inspiration, my shelter in a time of storm
I once borrowed your sweater for a dance,
You said it matched my outfit
I didn’t tell you, but it fit too long in the sleeves,
Plus it hid the bracelet you loaned me.
At the dance, certain people laughed and jeered
But I felt like a millionaire,
I felt like I was walking on air
Because your bracelet made me feel like my friend was there.
The bracelet,
Although held together by string and friendship beads
Made me feel special,
It was beautiful to me.
On the day I planned to return your bracelet
It fell apart in my hands
Devastation is an understatement of how I felt
As I picked up each fallen bead
Threading each gentle back onto the worn strand.
Knowing the time was getting closer for us to meet
With each footstep your house was getting nearer
Just then I passed a store going out of business
And in the window I saw a similar bracelet
Just sitting there.
So I bought two
One to give to you with this poem
And one to keep,
To remind me of my best friend

You Ask If I Love You
By Cassie Ripley

You ask me if I love you,
And I ask myself how to begin.
To share with you
The feelings in my heart.
You inspire in me a love so deep,
Words cannot describe it.
So powerful that it overwhelms
My every thought.
You ask me if I love you,
And I wish there were a way
You could just see into my soul
And find the depth of passion,
Tenderness, and love.
That holds you closer to my heart
Than anyone or anything else.

Can't get you outta my head
By Kaila Johnson

Why oh why
can't I get you outta my head?
we are best friends, but I want it to be more than that
I want you to be able to call me your boo,
I want to be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

We're only teenagers now
and yes we've got a lot to learn
but that doesn’t mean we can’t be more than just this
we're both off to university in a few years
and we'll both go our separate ways
and who knows if we'll ever speak again
I want you to be mine
more than you'll ever know
I love you so much that words can’t describe.

Just give me a chance
I know we live in two different provinces
but that doesn’t mean that we can’t give it a shot
I only get to see you once a year
and I know that isn’t enough for you
but you should give it a chance.

You tell me every night
before we go to bed
that you love me a lot,
then prove it to me
by being my baby.

I love you with all of my heart and
you are my best friend in the whole world
and that will never change
and don't even think, not even one tiny bit
that I will ever forget you
for in my mind you'll always be my baby
no matter what our relationship status is.

By Katelyn Rushton

"She dresses weird."
"She's so disorganized."
"She expects far too much."
I thought I was chatting with friends.
The bubbly girls
from two years ago,
all bright smiles
and rainbow clothes,
are suddenly angry harpies.
I sit and think.
How things have changed!
Has the day really come?
When they see fit to bask endlessly
In their own glowing genius,
Though should failure appear,
All they see is her."
They twist her image
like smoke feebly
curling from a dying flame.
"I don't agree!"
But they are too angry to hear.
And so I simply remind myself.

Slowly slipping
By Claire Cochrane

You’re slowly slipping out of my reach,
trying with all my might to make you stay cause I need you,
but you keep pushing me away,
you don't understand that I need you,
that I love you,
but it doesn't matter to you,
you love someone else,
you’re breaking my heart without even knowing,
what am I supposed to do?

Summer Dream
By Alanah Correia

You taste just like a summer dream,
and came through a breeze which you left with.
I still remember your bright eyes,
crooked facial features,
but that made me realize
that you don’t have to love somebody
for beauty.
That voyage (which was cancelled and disappointing)
actually brought us closer.
Now you know I exist,
but I always knew what seat you sat in.
What should I make of
My curiosity pulls me into
a tidal wave of thoughts.
Should I go with the flow,
or fight against the current
for something I want so badly,
but I’m afraid of?
Let’s talk about skiing tomorrow,
and see where that
brings us.

Scratching On the Walls
By Jordan Upshaw

You hate like you have the right
But your words will no longer spark a fight
Just induce me to think
How low must you sink
To feel good about yourself
Scratch words and nasty symbols on a shelf
In distress to express your ignorant self
Your judgemental issues
Your hate floats like tissues
In the back of my mind
Dig deep and try to find
An inch of dignity
My fight’s one for equality
Race is not a choice,
Its something you’re born with
STOP pretending racism is all but a myth
It’s all too real
Can’t you feel?
Stop acting like it’s just surreal
KLU KLUX KLAN, the embodiment of hate
Let’s stand and create
An allegiance of minorities
That include the majorities
Who fight for us
Feel for us.

We can’t mistrust someone’s love because of colour
Backwards racism is disempowerment
It shouldn’t even be relevant
Welcome anyone to our cause
Stand tall and give applause
We’re going the right way
But let’s not play
We’re not there
We never will be as long as we’re scared
To take control and enforce care
Obama is the new face
Of a once shrouded race
Moving at a damn good pace
Let’s reinvent this place
And strive to tear racism at the seam

"Just like Dr. King, I too have a dream."

Wordless At How This World Is
By Kelly.

Kids feeling confused.
Some feel sacrificed.
We're confused and invaded.
No more than a sigh.
Not worthless,
At how this world is.

By Sam Reeves

U.R. my night and my day, tomorrow and today
U.R. everything to me in every single way
U.R. the one that brings light
In the middle of the night
U make bad things good, and good things better
I love u baby, and I plan on being with u forever
U are there for me, through good and bad
U.R. there for me whether U.R. happy or sad
I will be by U.R. side and u have my word
I’m here for u baby, no need to be scared
I hear U.R. cries and I hear U.R. sighs
Don't worry baby, I don't tell no lies
I’m so happy when U.R. with me
I feel so unstoppable when u kiss me.


When I close my eyes
I can see the whole world in front of me
I can be who I want to be
Taking me back to those days
Where imagination is all I needed
Nothing else mattered
Why is everything so complicated?
Why must we be realistic all the time?
Can't we take a moment
Just to look back on what we've done
Who we were
Can't it all stop just for a moment?
I wish I could turn back time
If just for a day
When it was all so easy
And so clear
But we can't
We must move on
We're on our way
No matter where life takes us
It brings back to where it all began
We can't escape it
We can't erase it
We can only take it
And keep it in our hearts
No matter how long the road is
No matter how many turns
We take
It all takes us to the destination
That our hearts desire
It's so simple
Yet so hard
Why can't it just be easy
So easy to understand
We must move on
And be who we want to be
It will be hard
But we must keep moving
We can't stay still
I can be who I want to be
I can see the whole world in front of me
When I close my eyes.

Being Safe Is Smart
By Amy S.

Doing drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are remarkably stupid. Life is a gift, so don't take it for granted. Instead of making your friends upset and hurting yourself, why not just talk about your feelings?

My father is sick and dying. Yet people are going around making their lives shorter and it's not worth it. You may think it's cool, but life isn’t about looking cool. It's about being yourself and not worrying about other people.

If they were your real friends, you wouldn’t be pressured to do those nasty habits. All you’re doing is killing yourself and shortening your life. Is that really what makes somebody cool? I don't think so.

Being your own person and making smart choices is what is cool to me. You could have chased the future love of your life away by smoking and doing those terrible things. Other than that, doing marijuana as prescribed is fine, just don't abuse the privilege.

The Penguin
By Lauretta


The ice and water are mine,
My elements of living,
As I hunt for fish,
In my permanent dinner party attire.
When the freezing time comes,
And the ice takes over,
I will huddle in a group,
Of hundreds for warmth,
Longing for my lover to return,
While using the body heat,
Of everyone else I love,
Upon your homecoming,
Just a glimpse of you could make,
My useless wings work,
And I could finally fly.

The Ghetto
By Kimberley Armsworthy

As white fluffy miniature clouds fall from the sky and cover the ground like a blanket covering the earth, you can hear the children’s laughter fill the air with love and joy. But soon the laughter turns to silence and the children disappear.

The shadows that dwell in the day banish into the darkness of the night while trees whistle in the wind. You hear gun shots and cries for help.

Then once again all was silent, just as the silence covered the streets of the ghetto and you thought the worst was over. Then you hear screams and sirens and there is panic. You open your door you to only see the snow on the ground that at one point was white, but now had turned to red.

As you take another step out your door, tears come to your eyes as you drop to your knees and see the body, the body of a kid that got caught up in the violence of drugs and crime.

By now, the cops have the area surrounded and as they take the body away, you see people drop to their knees and other people being questioned and arrested. You are told to go back into your homes. You wander off to bed and fall into a deep sleep as if nothing had happened. The next morning you hear the children’s laughter fill the air once again as this is the start of just another day in the ghetto.

By Autumn Doubleday

Twisting sheets woven tight.
Aching eyes staring blindly ahead.
Wandering mind longing for rest.
Angry yawns spur from my lips.
Another sleepless night in my dreamless world.

Six-Foot Grave
By Lexi

Broken glass covering the floor
Shattered dreams, wanted no more
Twisted fate, left for dead
This six-foot grave is now my bed.

Hidden pain, nobody could tell
Bleeding heart from living in this hell
Emotionless face, the pain was too much
No one to lean on, to be the crutch.

Bruised knuckles, overwhelmed with hate
Fractured soul, you found out too late
Tear-stained cheeks, how couldn’t you see?
Your twisted games were killing me.

Tortured mind filled with shame
Open wounds, thinking I'm the one to blame
Quivering lips, but not a word said
This six-foot grave is now my bed.

Live Each Moment
By Hillary Taylor

We never know what's going to happen
We can't control it
But we need to live each moment
Soon enough that moment will be gone
And all we'll have left is the memory
Live each moment
Live each day to the fullest
We can't change the past
We must embrace the present
And hope for the future
We can't hold back
We need to live, not watch
Don't waste your moments
Live, love, laugh, and learn
Don't hold back
Live each moment
Not just the good parts
For the bad ones
Make us who we shall become
Don't waste the present
Or you'll waste the future
Cherish the past
Live in the Present
Hope for the future.

I wonder
Amanda Corkum

Who am I? I don't know.
I have no name, no title, not even a colour.
I must be an outcast, a loner.
And I doubt that it's of my own will.

I don't even know where to find civilization any more.
I don't even know if it still exists.
I'm completely dependent on these strange things,
That now populate this planet.

Maybe I'm the only one left.

In memories so distant,
It takes me many cycles of light and dark to access them,
I hear a voice.

It says: "This one is headstrong. Its challenge will to be to wait until those things that it needs are ready, and then to assemble them into a craft that it can use to join us in our new home."
And then I had an urge to fly.

I can not remember whose voice that was,
Only that it was important to me and still should be.
But, it isn't. I wonder why.
I can not even remember his colour.
I wonder why I have no colour?

By Aaron Stevens

It was three years ago,
When the end of the world began,
Some tried their best,
And some just ran.

I stand here today,
Looking strong and tall.
It seems hard to imagine,
That I had taken a great fall.

It tore me apart,
I saw who I was.
Things might have become clearer,
But all I saw was fuzz.

When things became clear,
I took a big risk.
I shot and I aimed,
And this time, I didn't miss.

Like every teen here
I've had my ups and downs.
I've seen the large smiles,
And I've seen the nasty frowns.

When I see junior high though
I see it as a mound.
Some went over,
And some went around.

And which way did I go?
Which way you say?
I dug a tunnel,
And I went my own way.

Vanishing Act
By Autumn Doubleday

I know magic.
It doesn't involve a wand,
Or a fancy box.
I don't have to say abracadabra,
Or any other words.
All I have to do is be me,
And I vanish in the crowd.

By Kelly Watson

You toss and turn,
Dream and learn,
Answer and call,
Leap and fall.
Climb a mountain,
Throw coins in a fountain,
Pray for more,
Scream hardcore.
Love a soul,
Dig a hole,
Bury your thoughts,
So overwrought.
Pictures burn,
No concern,
Lights shine,
Upon red wine.
Your pulse slows down,
But you don't frown,
You toss and turn,
Dream and learn,
Answer and call,
While you leap and fall.

By Amanda Lloyd

Some people bully because they think it's cool,
And not all bullying happens at school,
Other bullies just want attention,
Telling someone you trust could lead to prevention,
Be nice to everyone, that's the best rule.
By Jennifer

Secrets hidden inside,
Darkness reigns,
Enslaves light.

Hope snuffed out,
Like a candle in the wind.
Moonless nights,
Overlooking ruins.

Twisted trees,
Towering over tombstones.
Broken hearts,
And broken strings.

A tear,
Of hate, or sorrow, or fear.
It shines like a crystal,
In the shadow of your eye.

The watchman comes,
And strikes a match.
Light pierces the dark,
Long lives the hope.

Light breaks its chains,
And rebuilds the ruins.
Stars twinkle,
And light up the night.

A tear,
Of happiness, or joy, or love.
It sparkles through,
The shadow of your eye.

Through These Eyes
By Toni Nicholas & Lil’J

Here I sit in the corner of the cafeteria
Looking around with a blank stare
My eyes then lock on a young girl
With eyes watering as she just sits there
I know that look of torture and inward pain
Her silent tears are familiar to me
So I go and sit beside her And say,
“Tell me your pain and set yourself free.”
She slowly raises her head
As a giant tear rolls down her cheek
I assure her that her words are safe with me
Just then her lips start to quiver and she speaks

“Everyday too much happens,
Not one day can a smile spread without force.
Not one time will a tear drop dry,
This will never stop.
This routine is getting old,
Come home, cry, cry, cry, sleep,
I can not take this.
Does anyone understand,
Do they know how much pain they put me through?
I wish people would leave me alone,
Give me one day to smile.
One day to laugh,
One day to let the tears dry.
One day to not go through too much.
One day to say I am having a good day,
But no,
They won’t let me have that.
I can not take this,
The bullying has to

The Invisible Child
By Lexi Hirtle

A child lies
He must not cry
He must not show fear
He must not speak a word
Silent screams from his lips
A child's life is taken
Ripped from his own grasp
Snatched from his own home, his own family
No room for playtime
No time for games
There's only war and fighting
Guns and bombs
A child soldier
Standing surrounded by others
Still so very much alone
He looks around
Staring at their faces
Children like himself
Yet there's no trace of happiness in their dark eyes
Only sadness
Only pain
Not a hint of their past to be found
No friends, no family
Only war
Their only friends are the weapons in their arms
Children changed into war machines
He snaps back into focus
A man's voice sharp and loud
The sound of guns clicking
Preparing for battle
He straightens up into his perfect posture
Like a toy soldier
Holds back the tears threatening to escape his stinging eyes
A soldier does not cry
Another order is heard
Ready for battle
Onward he marches, clutching his gun to his side
But nobody knows
The first gunshot is fired
Reminding him there is no room for fear
Battle cries and gunshots fill the air
He raises his shaking hands up with the gun armed
He moves his finger to the trigger
A shot is fired...

A child lies
He cannot cry
He cannot show fear
He cannot speak a word
Silent screams no longer coming from his lips
The gun lies beside him
Not a single bullet missing
His lifeless body so peaceful on the ground
By Sarah Dobson

You know that story on the news that is broadcast on every channel? You watch it, feeling bad for whoever was involved, but don’t really care. I knew that once I died, that story would be me. I was lying there in the alley, bleeding, and I could feel my senses weakening. And it seemed like the memories that flashed through my mind were fading. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to eat popsicles on the front porch, letting the sticky juice run down my fingers. I could no longer see the faces of my friends when we used to run barefoot in the grassy fields at my cottage. I know, or knew, that things like this didn’t happen to people like me. No one I knew would ever be shot. That would just never happen. How wrong had I been? Now the person I knew best was lying here, slipping away. For nothing more than a bullet.
What I wanted, and what I got
By Clarissa

I always wanted a fairytale ending,
I always wanted a prince.
I always wanted to be loved for me,
I always wanted to be the perfect couple.
Now that I've found it, it is not what I imagined.
I wanted a fairytale ending,
What I got was a fairytale beginning.
I wanted a prince,
What I got was an angel.
I wanted to be loved for me,
What I got was being loved for BEING me.
I wanted to be the perfect couple,
What I got was two misfits that love each other.
This isn't the typical love story,
But it is real.

I miss you dear friend
By Rosalie Fralick

So now I write another poem
It's just from me to you
And I promise you with all my heart
That every word is true
We haven't talked of late
It's been far too long I guess I understand
What I did, no doubt was wrong
But I'm sorry I've said
Again and again
And right now I need you
I miss you dear friend
So forgive and forget
That's the most I can ask
Though you need not forget
That may be too hard a task
For what I did was surely
A terrible thing to do
But I must earn back your trust
How? I don't have a clue
So tell me what is necessary
To regain your confidence
I would do anything
At my own expense
To be your friend again,
I miss you dear friend

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